Energy system for healing

Vihriom is a new energy system for self-healing, healing and rejuvenation, cleansing of negative energy influences and protection from them at all levels. The systems has been received by Chris Denev during meditation, and has been developed in the second half of 2015. It is suitable for all people, who are open and willing to change their lives. The conducted tests using the method of color coronal spectral analysis of Prof. Ignatov, revealed unique results. It consists of four levels:

First Level

Vihriom Healer

Six symbols and mantras are being used. Duration of the session is seven minutes. It can be used from a distance, with one or more people.

Second Level

Vihriom Healer

You work with one mantra. Duration of the session is three minutes. It can be used from a distance , and with several people at the same time.

Third Level

Vihriom Master Teacher

One mantra and one symbol are being used! You can teach students in 1st and 2nd level of Vihriom.

Fourth Level

Vihriom Grand Master

One symbol and one mantra are being used. You can teach students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of Vihriom.


The art to heal just by laying your hands, known since the remote past.

People have been doing this since ancient times. It is a natural instinct to put your hands on a tender place, or onto someone, who is not feeling well. When a child gets injured, his mother often puts her hands directly on the sore spot. The human touch is a healing power and love. The energy released in such a way has been known by many names. In China it is „Chi“, for the Indians is „prana“, and in Japan it is called „ki“. Reiki is also a system for energy treatment and enlightenment, which allows us to cure ourselves and the people around us without medication and in conformity with the nature. It is an ancient and simple healing system just by laying your hands. Everyone can learn it ...

Taking care of the soul

Many people ignore one important and essential part of taking care of yourself, taking care of the soul.

Not a care for your appearance, but for that part inside of us that needs our own approval first before we can let it come out for the others to judge. Do we like ourselves ? Are we pleased with ourselves? Are we satisfied with our lives? Are we happy? Are we going to be happier if we manage to achieve the perfect figure, the right hair colour or the dreamed office job? The inner peace of a man is a rather important element of his appearance. No wonder it is said that when a person is happy and smiling, they radiate the power of attraction to the others and everyone likes people like these ...