The art to heal just by laying your hands, known since the remote past.

People have been doing this since ancient times. It is a natural instinct to put your hands on a tender place, or onto someone, who is not feeling well. When a child gets injured, his mother often puts her hands directly on the sore spot. The human touch is a healing power and love. The energy released in such a way has been known by many names. In China it is „Chi“, for the Indians is „prana“, and in Japan it is called „ki“.

Reiki is also a system for energy treatment and enlightenment, which allows us to cure ourselves and the people around us without medication and in conformity with the nature. It is an ancient and simple healing system just by laying your hands. Everyone can learn it easily and enjoy its benefits. You only need to have a desire, and get initiated by a legitimate Reiki teacher (master). Reiki is an energy of balance, harmony and health.

Reiki works at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It cleanses the body  from the „negative“ accumulations and re-charges it with new energy.
Reiki is very beneficial for a quicker recovery after injuries for example; it lowers the blood pressure; reduces or removes the stress and all its consequences, it is very successful for pain control – all this comes as a result of the stimulated natural healing abilities of the body.
Reiki is not a religion, and it has nothing to do with New Age practices. It is used by Christians, Buddhists, Shintoists, Muslims, because Reiki is a spiritual and a healing practice, working for the highest human and universal good.
In translation Reiki consists of two Japanese hieroglyphs, Rei and Ki, where REI means -universal, divine and Ki – energy, spirit, life force. The joint meaning of both hieroglyphs is enlightenment – the union between the Universal energy and the individual.
Reiki energy heals the person in its wholeness. For example if you treat migraine, Reiki could affect other organs and levels, even though the hands of the healer have been put on the ill place.

Reiki is the most popular form of energy treatment by direct application of the energy through the hands of the healer, who is only a „channel“ for the tender Reiki energy.

There is one perfect state innate for each of us, which is the highest expression of ourselves – that can be achieved with the help of Reiki.


Reiki works by giving the person enough energy, so they can do a step forward, so they can see their issues clearly, and have the courage and desire to overcome them.

Connecting with Reiki energy – Spiritual initiation or attunement.
The bodies of all people are filled with the energy of the vital force  Ki /Chi, Ci or Prana/. The amount of energy directly corresponds to our health status. At the same time, not only the people have their energy bodies. Every animal, bird, fish, insect or plant, as well as the non-living nature – rocks, crystals, minerals, water etc., have their distinguished aura. The difference between KI /the energy of life force/ and Reiki /the spiritual energy or universal energy of life force/ is:
– Ki is the energy that surrounds us and penetrates everything

– Reiki is a specific scope or frequency of energy for healing and self-healing that is working in harmony with Ki energy, but has a higher vibration. Reiki comes directly from the source – God, Creator – and is guided by this Supreme  intellect for healing of everything, animate or inanimate.
Unlike KI energy that is present everywhere and in everything,  Reiki energy doesn’t flow automatically in the human body from the day of birth. It flows only inside those people who have been attuned to that frequency of vibration. Such an initiation or spiritual authorization is the path, where the healing ability of Reiki is handed over from the Reiki Master to the student in a sacred ceremony, which is the main part of the course.

There are several spiritual authorizations in Usui Reiki . They are transferred at the different levels, so the student have time to get used to the relevant energy levels. Usually these sacred ceremonies are called initiations or attunements, as they „dedicate“ the student into a new life with Reiki, and „set him up“/harmonize him/ to the unique vibrations of the spiritual and healing energy of Reiki.

This  „setting up“ opens an energy channel in the student, through which the Reiki energy can flow from the Divine Source via the energy body of the student –  right through the coronal chakra, third eye, throat and heart chakras – and goes out through his hands.

As soon as the students receive the attunement they can  access the healing Reiki energy to use it on themselves or other people. They will be able to do this for the rest of their lives, as the healing energy comes through the Higher Self, channeled by inexhaustible source – God /The Creator/ Everything that IS/ The Universe – it will always be there for us, when we need to use it.

This „immediate“ acquiring of a healing energy is something that makes Reiki unique, and at the same time it is rather incomprehensible for the Western mind. We are not used to receive something so precious without any effort, while in the East similar initiations are a regular practice for delivering of knowledge, wisdom and energy.

And yet, Reiki is not a religion, even though its roots come from Eastern spiritual practices. That is why it can be accessed by everyone no matter their personal religious beliefs.  At the same time, Reiki does not count on the intellectual abilities or the level of spiritual development of the person . Therefore,  people of every age and social class may acquire  the ability to channel Reiki healing energy quite easily, simply by registering for a course of Reiki Level I and receiving the attunement.No special knowledge or skills are required, so Reiki is quite a straightforward way to help yourselves and the others.