Omni system

Energy system recieved during deep meditation of Grand Master Dr. Sameer Kale

In 1995, during deep meditation in front of Grand Master Dr. Sameer Kale appeared Satia  Sai  Baba and offered him to become a disciple of his and distribute new Reiki systems.

On 7 April 1997, also in meditation, he handed to Dr. Sameer Kale a new OMNI healing system, and in 1999 – its second phase – OMNI SUTRA. These are new, improved by Sati Sai Baba systems. As an enlightened teacher he understood the possibilities for increasing energy during the process of healing, and thus reducing the time needed for one session. For example the classical Reiki session lasts from half an hour up to an hour, and in Omni it takes only around ten minutes . The specificity and uniqueness of Omni is that we use the Yang and Yin energies in combination (cosmic and earth energy). During the initiation all the chakras are being adjusted – upper and lower ones. In this way we work in balance with both energies and achieve a fast healing effect at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, auric, spiritual and karmic.  And still, even at first level of Omni are being given five symbols to work with, which help in mastering this strong energy and being able to send it everywhere despite the distance. OMNI energy flows between the Yin and Yang energies, and at the same time it can give a sense of warming up and cooling of different parts of the human body. In the fourth system Yin and Yang connect to the Tantra-energy and work synchronously together. Omni system consists of five systems and is widespread all over the world.


Energy system recieved during deep meditation of Grand Master Dr. Sameer Kale

It is exceptionally powerful system for harmonizing of the live vital energies, and it provides the possibility for intensive treatment without any side effects with a rather small time consumption – around 15 minutes per session. During Omni initiation all the energy centers get adjusted. Sri Shiv Sai has given the necessary knowledge for healing on all levels – physical, mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and karmic level. As in other systems, the mediator is a channel, and the influence comes from the divine power of Sri Shiv Sai. In the first level you master the work on yourself and with a partner, in the second level – to work from distance and for solving of any specific situations. Omni System consists of 11 symbols – 5 for level one, and 6 for level two. A typical feature of this system is the intensive usage of the cosmic energy (Yang) and the earth energy (Yin). The balanced work with these two energies produces wonderful results.


The second phase of Omni healing, It's considerably more stronger than Omni

It is accessible to a large amount of people since July 11, 1999. In Omni the emphasis is on Yang cosmic energy, and in Omni Sutra the more important is Yin earth energy. Both these systems have their own symbols and mantras for channeling of energy to work on physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, karmic and auric level. In Omni system the energy flows downwards, and in Omni Sutra is the opposite – the energy flow of Yin energy is stronger in upwards direction. Main features of this system are more energy, more successful treatment and fewer complications during healing, and it offers special methods for the study of spirituality. You get to learn it in first, second and third degree (master healer). Omni Sutra works with very powerful energies. Special attention is being paid to people with diseases of the heart and the central nervous system.

Omni Sai Sutra

Likewise Omni Sutra, but it is more powerful and easier

this new system also helps to clean negative influences (and conditions) based on karmic and auric level. In this system also prevails Yin energy but it quickly balances together with the Yang energy, and works faster than Omni Sutra. No symbols are being used in it, and just mantras. You will find out how convenient and powerful this system really is. It works fast and cleanses all negative conditions at all levels.

Omni Anugraha

The word of “anugrah” means „krupa“ i.e. „blessing“ from Shivananda

– Omni Anugraha has been developed under the guidance and messages of Sri Shiv Sai in the physical aspect of Sri Sathya Sai, sent directly to Shivananda. Shivananda is the spiritual name of Dr. Sameer Kale. Like Omni Sai Sutra it could cleanse all sorts of negativities, including such at karmic and auric level, but more powerful energy is being used with it and it is lighter. It can be used for healing, for cleansing of negative energies, and for abundance. Here the energies Yin, Yang and Tantra act in synchronization and no symbols are being used. In Anugraha level 1 are used 2 mantras and you would feel fast and powerful energy that surrounds our body, and fills up your chakras. The session lasts around 10 minutes. It is designed to work on the spiritual and karmic level, for balancing and cleansing of the aura, eliminating of negative energies and improving your financial capabilities and well-being. In Anugraha level 2 only one mantra is being used. The energy flood enters instantaneously and rapidly. The session lasts 3 minutes and the energy still works in the next 72 hours. Therefore, you may not feel it during the first hours. It is many times stronger than Anugraha 1 and is used for purification, healing and prosperity.