Omni Saitva

In Omni Saitva system you will find very fast and powerful energy everywhere around your body and inside your chakras, and using it you’ll be able to clear the problems of everyday life at all levels.

Omni Saitva I keeps the emphasis upon the 5 elements and their energies. The word Saitva means the Sai elements of Shri Shiv Sai and Shivananda. Many students and pupils know that Shivananda is the other spiritual name of Dr. Sameer Kale. Omni Saitva system is based on directions and messages from Shri Shiv Sai, and in physical aspect from Shri Shiv Sai directly to Shivananda. This new system will be of much use for the more powerful and easier cleansing of all negative influences, at all levels. The energy shape of that system is mainly YANG, YIN and the five energy elements altogether. Working with it is completely different, as no symbols are being used, we use mantras associated with different elements, in order to achieve improvement.